To floss or not to floss…?!?



Given the recent news regarding flossing we thought we’d weigh in on the evidence and let everybody know that they shouldn’t toss that box of floss just yet. Although good research studies on the subject are lacking most dental professionals are still strongly in support of […]

Added sugars now included on labels!

This article discusses the changing nutrition labels and highlights the addition of an added sugars number on all labels. It’s actually pretty surprising that we’ve never known these numbers!

This is a great tool for people looking to eat a healthier diet. Hopefully it will also push companies to add less sugars once those amounts […]

A warm welcome!

We are very excited to be continuing the dental practice of Dr. John Tschanz who is now thoroughly enjoying his retirement! Dr. Tschanz always spoke very highly of his patients and we can certainly see why. We have received such a warm welcome to the Lake Forest community that we already feel right at home. […]