Lake Forest dental office introduces digital x rays

digital x rays, lake forest dentist, Palit and Wansten DentistryPalit & Wansten Dentistry has introduced digital x rays to their Lake Forest dental office.  The office uses digital x rays that will be instantly available for viewing by you, Dr Sonya Palit & Dr Josh Wansten in the privacy of your treatment room.  These digital x-rays are saved into our HIPAA compliant computer system that will allow us to see and track changes in bone, tissue and tooth structures over time.

Dental x rays are useful in diagnosing dental caries (cavities) between teeth and under deep fissures and pits on the biting surfaces of teeth.  Dental x-rays also allow the doctors at Palit & Wansten Dentistry to identify abnormalities below the gum line that may not be visible during the clinical examination.

Dental digital x rays are usually taken during a patient’s first visit to the office and taken at regular intervals thereafter.

Patient education is important to the doctors. Ask Dr Palit or Dr Wansten to review your digital x-rays in your treatment room on their big screen TV. They look forward to involving you in your dental healthcare diagnosis and treatment.

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