To floss or not to floss…?!?




Given the recent news regarding flossing we thought we’d weigh in on the evidence and let everybody know that they shouldn’t toss that box of floss just yet. Although good research studies on the subject are lacking most dental professionals are still strongly in support of that little string!

Reducing plaque and food in the gums is a very important factor in preventing the inflammation that can lead to gum disease. Additionally, dentists and physicians continue to learn more about the complexities of the body and how inflammation of any kind can be harmful. Many interesting studies are currently looking at the links between inflammation and osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer.

We thought this article was short and sweet and explained why good flossing studies are not being done.…/hey-sorry-everyone-probably-keep-fl…/



Added sugars now included on labels!

This article discusses the changing nutrition labels and highlights the addition of an added sugars number on all labels. It’s actually pretty surprising that we’ve never known these numbers!

This is a great tool for people looking to eat a healthier diet. Hopefully it will also push companies to add less sugars once those amounts are more apparent. And of course it’s good news for your teeth!




Lake Forest dental office introduces digital x rays

digital x rays, lake forest dentist, Palit and Wansten DentistryPalit & Wansten Dentistry has introduced digital x rays to their Lake Forest dental office.  The office uses digital x rays that will be instantly available for viewing by you, Dr Sonya Palit & Dr Josh Wansten in the privacy of your treatment room.  These digital x-rays are saved into our HIPAA compliant computer system that will allow us to see and track changes in bone, tissue and tooth structures over time.

Dental x rays are useful in diagnosing dental caries (cavities) between teeth and under deep fissures and pits on the biting surfaces of teeth.  Dental x-rays also allow the doctors at Palit & Wansten Dentistry to identify abnormalities below the gum line that may not be visible during the clinical examination.

Dental digital x rays are usually taken during a patient’s first visit to the office and taken at regular intervals thereafter.

Patient education is important to the doctors. Ask Dr Palit or Dr Wansten to review your digital x-rays in your treatment room on their big screen TV. They look forward to involving you in your dental healthcare diagnosis and treatment.

A warm welcome!

We are very excited to be continuing the dental practice of Dr. John Tschanz who is now thoroughly enjoying his retirement! Dr. Tschanz always spoke very highly of his patients and we can certainly see why. We have received such a warm welcome to the Lake Forest community that we already feel right at home. Our hard-working staff has also gone above and beyond to make this transition a smooth one and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Thank you for welcoming us to the North Shore. It has truly been our pleasure joining such a wonderful community and we look forward to meeting each and every one of you and your families!


Drs. Sonya Palit and Josh Wansten

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